ELO Ranking System

ELO ranking was first used in chess but now is being adopted by an increasing number of sports as it's popularity grows.
American College Football, Major League Baseball, FIFA women's soccer to name a few.
Good ranking system could be an additional stimulus for players or teams and can increase competition and the level of interest.
You can use ELO ranking system for any game. Read more about ELO on Wikipedia.

How ELO ranking is generated?

The system analyzes game results and calculates (rank) relative strength of the participants.

How you can generate ELO rankings?

To calculate new ranking the system needs posted game results.
First, select one or more tournaments or leagues that have posted results.
Then, accept default settings and click 'Generate Ranking'.
Ranking will be generated and saved to the database.
How to use rankings?

Rankings can be used to create new leagues or tournaments based on player or team strength.
Another possibility is to use it to assign seedings in seeded tournaments.