Publish Tournament


 Publish League/Tournament

After you create your League or Tournament and add teams or players you can edit your tournament website template. 
Go to 'Leagues' or 'Tournaments' page and click 'website' link next to your league or tournament name.
Your website template will be displayed.
Web site template has multiple tabs.
If you want to publish a tab make sure to check 'Publish' checkbox.
On some of the tabs you can change tab's content.
'Click to Edit Page' button and delete existing template content and replace it with your own content. Click update.
After you update all your tabs - click publish button. Your league/tournament is published.
When League/Tournament is published it becomes accessible to everyone via a public url.
Each published League/Tournament has unique url.

'Publish' feature is available for Advanced and Professional Plan. 
Every time when you update your scores or schedule, your League/Tournament must be
republished to reflect the changes.
Published League/Tournament can be integrated in any other website or blog.
If you have your own website address - your published league/tournament can be integrated under your address.
After you publish your League/Tournament - you will see an entry on the 'Archive' page.


 Custom Tournament Web Template

You can customize your tournament web page. We offer custom  web design and templates