Player Registration

 Player/Participant Self Registration

Player registrations available for limited number of plans:
Advanced w/Registration
Advanced w/Registration w/Fee Collection
Custom Plans

For all other plans you can add participants manually or using Bulk Import from  Excel

 Player Self Registration Public Web Link

Player registration link can be found on League/Tournament/Event edit page.

 Player / Participants Registration steps

When a player clicks public registration link he or she is given an option to login as shown below

Players must login with one of the existing accounts that they have Google,Facebook, Yahoo, AOL...
If they do not have any, they need to create one - it is FREE.

Next step is to fill out a form and submit it:


After  form has been submitted a player is given a confirmation similar to the one shown below 
( if event does not have registration fee )

If you plan to collect fee for your event, your player will be presented with an option to pay:

It 's up to you as event administrator how much you would like to charge for
your event (league or tournament)
You can set Participation fee on League/Tournament edit screen

Next step for your participant is to pay with a credit card using google checkout.

 Player Registration / Administrative Setup

1) Create FREE Google checkout account. Click here to learn how to do it.
After you have created your Google checkout, you'll be issued a public merchantID. It is FEE.

2) Go to League Navigator 'Settings' page and save your Google checkout merchant ID.
Is it safe to share this ID?
Yes, it is. This is a public ID issued by Google checkout that identifies your 
checkout account. It can be shared.

3) Associate your google merchantID with your bank account.
(if you have questions how to do it, please Contact  support and someone is going to help you)

4) Create API callback URL from your merchant account to League Navigator as shown below 
(if you have questions how to do it, please Contact  support and someone is going to help you)

 Find Registered Players

Go to 'Participants' page and click 'Registered participants Filter' button as shown below:

In the popup window start typing Event/League/Tournament name until you see it in the dropdown:

After you apply registration filter you are going to see a list of registered players.
This list shows the fee amount paid by the player, Google Order Number and Registration date

 Add Registered Players to a Team

Follow instruction how to add a player to a Team
When adding a player you can browse through the list of all players/participants not only registered.
If you need to filter registered participants for a certain event you need to click 'Registered Participants Filter' button
and add players to your event.

 Add Registered Players to a Singles League or Event

Additional description is coming soon

 Cancel Registration / Return Money

If you would like to refund the amount paid by a player you need to find this player in the list of registered participants.
Find Google Order Number associated with this player and Refund the money using Google checkout administration screen