Mailing Alerts

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 Create Email Alert by Date
Go to 'Alerts' page and click 'Add' button.

Enter Alert name, select alert date and click save. All other fields are optional.

Now you need to add Leagues or Tournaments to the alert. You can add more than one.
Sample usage: Use mailing alerts by date if you'd like to make a
special announcement.
As an example: Game rescheduling due to weather conditions.
Another example: Practice date change due to trainer absence.
Alert message will be distributed to all  participants of the registered leagues and
tournaments who have valid emails.
Alert status must be 'Active' in order for the alert to be e-mailed.
If you change status to 'Not Active' your alert will be ignored even if the date is set.
If you want to cancel Mailing Alert before it was delivered just
clear the date field. If date is not set messages will NOT be scheduled for delivery.
If you want to reschedule just enter a new date.
If you want your message to be delivered immediately just enter today's date.
Message will be added to the end of today's queue.
!!! Important. There is a delay between scheduling a message for immediate delivery and actual delivery.
Delay may vary from a few minutes to an hour and depends on the size of mailing queues.
In order to make sure that your messages reached intended recipients please use
'send a copy to self' flag.
You can reuse the same Mailing many times. Just change subject and text
and set a new date. Your mailing will be scheduled for delivery again.
Mailing log keeps track of all mailings that were delivered in the past.
Note: that actual emails will be delivered only if you
subscribe for Professional Plan. For all other plans you are allowed to create new
Mailing Alerts but messages will NOT be delivered.
Alert by Date Video Demonstration