Google Calendar Sync

 Sync Game schedule with Google Calendar

!!! This feature is available for Advanced plan only. Compare Plans

Select league or tournament and go to 'Schedule' page
Click 'Sync with Google calendar' button. You may be prompted by Google to give
authorization for the sync which you should allow.
You may sync only one League or Tournament at a time.
Within Google Calendar you may combine your multiples calendars anyway you want.

How is it synced?
If your League is called 'Advanced Junior Tennis' this exact same name will be given to your google calendar entry.
As mentioned above you may have as many calendars as you like.
Note: Syncing with google calendar is one directional. If you make changes in  your google calendar
they will not be propagated back to League Navigator. Only changes from League Navigator
can be propagated to google calendar. 
Please consult with support if you have questions.

How can you access  league/tournament Calendar from your PDA?
Each calendar has a unique url. Just type it in your smart phone browser and you can access all your games on the go.

Can I sync with Outlook?

Yes it's possible. However there is no direct way to do it. First you need to sync with Google Calendar and then
you can sync to Outlook. Below is the link with instructions: