Game Calendar

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 Create / Schedule Event

Select 'day' view as shown below.
Select  court/field tab. If you need an extra field/location, click 'Add another location' button
Click available space and drag for the required duration as show below.

as you release your mouse button a popup appears as shown

Edit event comments/notes and click create event.

How do you add a game from a league or a tournament to your calendar?

 Schedule a Game from League/Tournament

Repeat the steps as described above and 'Click  to select a game' link
Start typing tournament name and it appears in the drop down. Select it and click 'Find'
Next, select an entry from the game calendar as shown below.
On the next screen click 'Create Event' button


 Edit/Update Event

Click on an event in any view (month,week,day)
Change comments and click update.
If you need to change date/time/location, you need to delete event and recreate it with the new date/time/location as described above.

 Delete Event

Click on an event in any view (month,week,day)
Click delete button