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 Create Facility/Court/Field/Location

Go to 'Facilities' page and click 'Create New facility Location' link.
Facility record has only 1 required field: Name. All other fields are optional.
If you save Facility with the same Name that already exists you will
get a duplicate record warning.
When you create your facility you will be able to view in on the map

 Delete Facility/Location

Go to 'Facilities' page and find Facility from the List.
Click 'Delete' link to remove the record.

 Create Facility/Location from Calendar Page

You can create facility/court/field/location from Calendar Page
Go to Calendar Page and click 'Add field or court or another location' button as shown below

In a popup enter the name and click 'Add' button

Your new location will be added and calendar page and will be repainted with new location as shown below