Custom Game Order


 How to change game order in a round robin league

When you create a round robin league game schedule is generated for you.
Sometimes you need to customize your game order and the number of rounds. You can do it using 'Custom Game Order' Page.
Go to 'League List' page and click 'GameOrder' link next to your league name.
On the 'Custom Game Order' Page  you will see your original Round Robin Game Schedule on the left side of the screen.
On the right side is your new custom game order container.
First click 'Add Round' button and add as many new rounds as you need.
Now click on any game in the Left table and drag-and-drop it to the Right under any Round as shown below.
Drag all games from the left to the right and then click 'Save' button. Your new game order is defined. Go to scheduler and you will see
that all your games are ordered the way you defined it on the 'Custom Game Order' Page.
When you publish your League you will also see all your games published in the custom order if you previously defined it.
!!!! This feature is optional. You do not have to do custom game order unless you need it.