Collect Fees

 Collect Membership Fees/Donations

You can collect membership fees, donations, sell products from your tournament website.
Our tournament web templates create google checkout buttons for you.
If you would like to have this feature on your website
complete 3 steps below :

 Setting Google Checkout

1) Create FREE Google checkout account. Click here to learn how to do it.
After you have created your Google checkout, you'll be issued a public merchantID.
We'll require this information in step 2.
2) Go to League Navigator 'Settings' page and save your Google checkout merchant ID.
Is it safe to share this ID?
Yes, it is. This is a public ID issued by Google checkout that identifies your
checkout account. It can be shared.

3) Set up your product/fee/membership/donations list
You must create a league/tournament before you can perform this step.
If you do not know how to create league/tournament, please refer to help files
for detailed description.
Go to 'Leagues' or 'Tournaments' page depending on where you want to apply your checkout.
Click 'website' link next to your league or tournament.
Find 'Membership' tab on the website template page.

Click 'Add Product/membership' button.
Enter product name for example:'2010 League membership'
Enter dollar amount for example:'50'
Enter description (it's optional) for example:'Member fee for all tennis leagues in 2010'

Click update
Done. You have set up your product. Now you can add more than one
product/memberships to the same page.

!!!! Important. Do not forget to publish. If you do not publish, your changes will not be saved,
and your league will not be available via a public link.


How much does it cost? Are there any fees for transactions?

League Navigator does not charge you anything for transactions.
All transactions are handled by Google. Google fees are ~ 2 to 4% per transaction.

In order for you to set up Google checkout on League Navigator website,
you must subscribe to 'Professional Plan with simple checkout'.
Compare plans

How do I track the payments?
You can do it through Google. When someone makes a payment for the membership,
you receive an email.
You can also login into Google checkout to view the list of all
members who have paid for the membership.

If you have any questions, please send your email request to support,
and we'll get back to you

Example of a tournament website that is setup to collect member fees: